BPO formulated for safety

Please don’t worry about using Benzoyl Peroxide to help clear your acne. Some people have concerns about the use of benzoyl peroxide to control acne.  The concern revolves around that it generates free radicals when it kills bacteria inside the pore. 

What most people don’t know, is the very act of cardiovascular exercise (breathing heavily) also creates free radicals in the body.  Are you going to stop exercising? No, because it’s all about balance – a cost/benefit ratio.  The benefit of using benzoyl peroxide is that it is one of the best ingredients to not only kill bacteria but more importantly, it peels the inside of the pore.  That peeling kills the microcomedone – the beginning of all acne lesions. It stops retention hyperkeratosis in its tracks!

As long as I have been treating acne and using Benzoyl Peroxide, I have never seen benzoyl peroxide “damage” the skin as the naysayers warn you about. What people misdiagnose as “damage” is most likely the temporary dehydration of the skin that one can get when they’ve used too much too soon. I carefully monitor your skin so it does not get too dry.

We have a very specific timed schedule with benzoyl peroxide to allow for the skin to adapt to its use.   I used it for years on my own skin and see no damage whatsoever.  What I see is someone’s skin clearing up and looking extremely healthy and glowing.  Also, the sooner one stops the acne breakouts, the more likely one will not scar from acne lesions.

I’ve seen people posting in online groups that benzoyl peroxide causes cancer – if that were true, the FDA certainly would not have deemed it safe to use. Benzoyl peroxide has been used safely for years. I have carefully formulated BP that is not harsh, extremely drying or full of pore clogging ingredients. As an Acne Specialist, my reputation depends on my clearing acne safely and effectively. That is what I am trained and experienced to do.

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