Wash Your Makeup Brushes and eyelids! Please!  

Eyelid Infection

In the past month, I have seen 4 young ladies coming in with their eyelids swollen and with cracked, inflamed skin. Girls! This is not good! All makeup brushes and applicators need to be changed and/or washed. Makeup brushes can be washed with warm water and a gentle cleanser. The little sponge applicators that come with some eye makeup should be washed or, even better, thrown away and choose brushes for your makeup application. No one should take a chance of eye infection or cracked inflamed skin.

The second problem I am seeing is inflammation coming from eyelash extensions. I know they are really popular but with some extensions, you can’t wash your eyelids! No! Please. Dead skin, oil from the skin, old eye makeup and the glue from these extensions are causing serious infections of the eyelids and can certainly go into the eye itself. Eyes are not something you want to risk inflammation. I really don’t know how to solve these problems except don’t wear lash extensions daily. Save them for special events. There are very effective lash serums that make your lashes grow as long as you like. Then you can use mascara to have the lashes you want, safely and beautifully. I carry a serum I have used for a least 4 years. I have very sensitive eyes and I’ve never had a problem with eyes changing color and irritation.

Be safe, ladies. Keep your eyes clean and applicators cleaner. Don’t risk a serious eye infection by not keeping things clean.

See me if you need further information on keeping your skin and eyes clean. The risk of not doing this is real and can be quiet serious.


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