Infused Water

Infused Water

Since I treat Acne holistically, these simple and free suggestions can help your acne from getting worse.

  1. Please don’t pick your skin! You may think you are getting rid of that pimple but most of the time you are making it worse by driving the infection deeper, bruising the skin and taking it much longer to heal. You can actually break the hair follicle where the pimple lives and create a scar! STOP STOP STOP. Keep your hands off.
  2. Follow your acne diet. If anything influences your acne, it is the foods you eat. Every time you eat something you shouldn’t you are making new pimples. This is the hardest part of helping your skin. Stay away from the following foods: all dairy products, soy products, kelp, algae, peanut products, potassium iodides and iodines ( found in salt), high sugar foods. Once you start reading labels on prepackaged/restaurant food you will find so many of these items listed. Shop fresh foods from the outside of the grocery isles.
  3. Use a laundry detergent that is free of dye and perfume. All those chemicals aggravate the skin. No, they don’t have that wonderful smell but this change will help your skin.
  4. Keep your clothes CLEAN. Dead skin cells, sweat, and oil from the skin is on your clothes just from one wearing. Keep your clothes clean.
  5. Change your pillowcases DAILY. Yes, I said daily. Hair products, dead skin cells, oil from your skin is on that pillowcase. When you change them, it helps keep your skin clean. Just do it!
  6. Stop the fabric softener! More chemicals that can aggravate your skin. These are great “pimple” balls you can buy at the grocery store that you can keep in your dryer to remove static. No. They don’t smell good but they can help your acne! I keep these balls in my dryer and use them all the time. They work GREAT.
  7. SLEEP! Put that phone down and turn off the TV at least a half an hour before sleep. I have to have at least 8 hours of sleep. I’m not good the next day without it. Lack of sleep can cause all kinds of issues with your help, including your skin. There is a reason it is called Beauty Sleep.
  8. DRINK WATER! Not coke, wine, beer, sugary soda. Water hydrates your body which it is 70% water. A dehydrated skin has trouble healing and removing toxins from the body. Not only will you feel better after drinking enough water, it will help not only your skin but also, the rest of the body too. Just do it. You can make fruit water and keep it in your fridge. Add lemons, limes, strawberries, blueberries or any other fruit you have. I love love love mint leaves and lime in my water. It makes drinking it fun and tasty.
  9. Chocolate is OK! When I was a kid with acne, everyone said never eat chocolate. I NEVER ate chocolate and skin was horrible. Just don’t overdo it! Too much sugar increases our body’s insulin levels which cause other enzymes in your body increase production and then you have a mess. Watch chocolate with peanuts too. Sorry, Reese’s peanut candies. There are other GREAT options.
  10. Reduce that STRESS. All of us suffer stress at different times. School, work, family issues etc. hit all of us at times. Find a way to reduce it. Work out, take a walk, play with your dog, visit a friend, read a good book…whatever works for you. Your skin reacts to stress like crazy. Reducing it will help stop those extra pimples.
  11. Keep all helmets, goggles, headbands and sports equipment CLEAN! Wipe down any surface with mild soap and water immediately before and after wearing them. What a pain, right? But it really can save your skin. These items rub on the skin. This is call acne mechanica, acne caused by RUBBING the skin.  Seriously, it works. Just do it.
  12. Girls. Concentrate on clearing your skin…not covering it up! That makeup you are addicted to has pore clogging ingredients in it and that just makes your skin WORSE. I don’t CARE what the marketing on the labels say. It is pore clogging. There are only a few makeup lines that are not clogging your skin, and they are not in the drug stores or the fancy department stores. Sorry, ladies. I speak the truth here.

All these free things can help your acne from getting worse. But, if you are really serious about clearing your skin, book an Acne Consultation with me from the BookNow button at the top right corner of this page. I am here to help you on your journey to clearing acne.

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