Skincare ingredients change and improve so fast, it can be very hard to keep up with what these ingredients are AND what they do. I will attempt to briefly describe some of the most used ingredients and how they can help your skin. This is Part 2, letters G-M. There will be one more parts, published 1 week apart. Let’s get started.


Glycolic Acid

This is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugarcane, it dissolves the gluelike substance that exists between dead skin cells so they can be removed, making the skin brighter and smoother. It is used in cleansers, peels, lotions, and creams. It can be used to help non-inflamed acne.


This ingredient comes from vegetable oil. It traps moisture from the atmosphere and delivers it to the skin. It is inexpensive and effective and used in moisturizers and cleansers.



Helioplex is the trademarked name of a sunscreen that combines avobenzone with a stabilizing ingredient call oxybenzone to protect part of sun damage, UVA, and UVB.


This ingredient pulls water from the atmosphere into the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

This sugar molecule is able to penetrate the skin and absorbs up to 1000 times its own weight in water. It plumps tissue and prevents moisture from escape the skin. It is also an ingredient in plumping wrinkle-filling injections, like Juvederm and Restylane. I use it moisture in my acne program to help hydrate the skin. For oily skin, it is great.


This is a skin lightener that inhibits the formation a new pigmentation, allowing existing pigmentation to be lifted away over time. It can only be used for 3 months and then you must stop its use for 3 months. To be effective it must be 4%. Anything less and it will not work.You can then use it again for 3 months. In Japan and Eupore it has been banned.



It is a highly effective anti-oxidant but it is expensive. Helps to fight free radicals.

Intense Pulse Light

This machine IS NOT A LASER. It is a emits many wavelengths of light. A laser emits just ONE concentrated beam of light. It can remove dark spots, spider veins, some wrinkles. I am not a fan of this machine for hair removal or acne scars. REAL lasers so this best. Don’t believe SPA’s who say it will do this. Nope. Not happening. I am a certified laser tech and I know what works best. Plus, it hurts like hell.



This gel is made from hyaluronic acid that’s injected into wrinkles and lips to replace volume. A GOOD EXPERIENCED injector (person) is critical to get the effect you want.


Keratosis Pilaris

These red bumps show up on upper arms and legs where sticky skin cells within the hair follicle clump together and do not exfoliate properly. They form plugs of skin, hence bumpy skin. I like to treat this with microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, and glycolic serums. If you stop treating, they will come back. Some people think gluten is responsible for this. I am on the fence with that.


This plant growth factor may boost new cell growth, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles and other sign of wrinkles. It is gentle and natural and good for sensitive skin.

Kojic Acid

This is a skin lightener used in skin care especially in Japan. It is effective in blocking the production of new melanin in the skin. But it will irritate skin in high concentrations.


Lactic Acid

Derived from fermented milk, this acid gently exfoliates dead skin. It is my favorite for sensitive skin and rosacea. I do it all the time on my skin because I have rosacea. There is NO downtime at all!


Intense, concentrated beams of light used to treat a variety of skin problems including sunspots, spider veins, wrinkles, hair removal or tattoos. Lasers are highly effective. You must be sure of the laser you are using: is it safe for your skin, is it frequently calibrated to work properly, and PLEASE, is the person using ti TRAINED AND CERTIFIED. Groupon is NOT the way to go here. Lasers are very powerful and in untrained hands and not properly maintained, can do a lot of damage. No. I do not use the laser to clear acne. I tried a 6 month trial with my laser. Unsuccessful, expensive and painful. Lasers DO NOT STOP THE CAUSE OF ACNE. Save your money and see an Acne Specialist like me.



This is the pigment that gives skin and hair its color. Excess melanin from sun damage causes dark spots. SUNSCREEN, please. Every single day even if you live under a rock.


This is a highly effective form of mechanical exfoliation for the skin. There are many kinds of these machines. My choice is microdermabrasion that uses suction. When these machines first came out, they sandblasted the skin with small beads that went up your nose, in your ears and hair. GAWD NO! I hated that. My machine works with small different grades of wheels that move over the skin and lifts dead skin. It can be as gentle as it needs to be for fragile skin, rosacea or tough thick skin and everything in-between. I love my machine. We want dead skin removed because dead skin sitting on the surface does not allow skin care products reach the new healthy skin and makeup looks flaky on the skin. As we age our skin does not lift dead skin as it did when we were younger. This starts at the age of 25-27 years old. ( sad isn’t it). So, anyone older than that should have this treatment about every 28 days to keep dead skin off. My machine even increases circulation in the skin which helps the blood move toxins from the skin. There is absolutely no downtime. Your skin feels like a baby’s butt afterward. This treatment should never, ever be used for active acne. Please. It will break open acne legion and spread bacteria and cause more infection. Be safe, people. this is one of the best first steps in taking care of your skin.

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