Women are always asking what form of birth control is safe for an Acne sufferer. Many doctors will give BC to “help” clear acne. However, they usually prescribe BC lower in estrogen. They worry about blood clots. These forms of BC only aggravate acne. I always advise BC be higher than 35 mg of estrogen so it won’t aggravate acne. Birth control will not CLEAR acne but there is BC that won’t aggravate it. When you come in for your Acne Consultation, I give my clients a list of safe birth control options.

Copper IUD

One form of BC women think is SAFE for Acne is the copper IUD. However, excess copper in your body builds up in the liver and disrupts the liver’s ability to detoxify excess estrogen (which causes acne). In addition, excess copper prevents your body absorbing zinc – which is an essential mineral for our skin; it plays a role in the function of sebum (oil) secretion in skin cells, as well as being essential for healthy skin repair and healing. this is NOT a safe form of BC if you suffer from Acne. Anything that plays with your hormones can and unfortunately will aggravate Acne. Be a woman with Acne is hard. I’m coming back as a boy. Seriously.

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