DermaSweep MD

Micro-dermabrasion has been a skin care standard for quite a while. It a mechanical form of removing dead skin from the body so the skin looks brighter and receive all the great skin care products you use. After the age of 27-30, the natural exfoliation of dead skin slows down. That is so YOUNG, isn’t it? My microdermabrasion machine is medical grade and can safely be used on the most fragile skin because it is so adjustable. It does not sandblast the skin with those beads that go up your nose, ears or hair. I always hated that being done. My machine, DermaSweep MD using suction through little wheels that glide over the skin and gently but effectively lifts all dead skin. While it is doing this, it increases the skin circulation! That added benefit is like running a mile for your skin. Your skin is left smooth and much brighter. A product can then reach the new, fresh skin and actually work much better.

However, over exfoliation can be very damaging. So many people are buying those spinning brushes that cost hundreds of dollars and are told they can use them DAILY. Oh, hell no. That is not safe for the skin. Skin ends up super sensitive, red and over-exfoliated. STOP. Plus, how do you CLEAN those brushes? If you can’t clean them, you end up reapplying dead skin, oil, makeup and lord knows what else to the skin.

Be safe with your skin. It will be the only skin you have for the rest of your life. The only contraindication for microdermabrasion is acne. I never do microdermabrasion over skin that is broken out. My machine is safe for rosacea.

Effective and safe

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