Sorry Doctors, but sodium lauryl sulfate and its cousins are not the skin’s friend. But if you have perfect skin, you don’t have to read any further. If you don’t, keep reading.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is made from coconut oil and makes our soaps have that soapy feel. But it also is used in car washes and garages to clean our car engines!

In the same way it degreases cars, floors and engines, it dissolves the oils on our skin, which can be very drying. It also denatures the proteins in our skin, which causes not only irritation but allows environmental contaminants to rob the lower, sensitive layers of the skin the good oils we need for protection and youthful appearance!

The sodium lauryl sulfate in our soaps is only slightly more gentle than in the car wash. Read the labels of your soaps and you will see it listed somewhere very near the first of the list. Why do companies use this ingredient? It is cheap and they always have and why change their formulas? That takes time and money.

Sodium lauryl sulfate can be buffered to balance its PH level so it is more compatible with the skin’s PH but again that takes time and money. If your skin is dry and sensitive from its use than you will need more products to cure a problem their soap is creating. Vicious circle you could be trapped in unknowingly. Even new products that say on the front label that they are free of SLS really aren’t when you check the label!

In my Acne Clinic, I see a lot of Perioral Dermatitis. These are small acne-like bumps around the mouth and lips. I most, if not all cases, it is caused by toothpaste which had SLS in it plus all the lightning and brightening chemicals That can really irritate the mouth area. Simply by changing toothpaste to one without all the chemicals and SLS, the skin will clear. Look at these links.


Are you getting my drift here? Read labels just like you do on foods. If you are experiencing skin dryness, redness and sensitivity look at the labels of the soaps you are using, even shampoo. Become educated. Oh, and by the way, Dove and Cetaphil both have SLS in them. Sorry, Docs!

For further skin care information call Robyn Prazmark, LME, at Skin Care by Robyn. 303.225.0025

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