The FDA has cleared the Celluma Light Therapy for skin care and pain management! It accelerates the repair of skin tissues compromised by ageing, injury or acne. This light is absolutely safe. The light diodes (LED) have the power to trigger skin and human tissue to repair itself. (No, this light therapy is NOT the same as what you can buy over the counter.)


Celluma LED Light treatments skin, collagen and elastin increases deep under the skin and allows the repair of aging skin.

The uses of the Celluma:

  • kill acne bacteria and slows new breakouts and help speed the healing of old pimples
  • wrinkles and fine lines plump with renewed collagen and elastin production
  • skin resilience and firmness improves
  • aches and pain from injury or arthritis heal faster by increasing circulation and cellular repair
  • the red/brown marks left from old acne disappear faster under the light

All you have to do is quietly lay under the light for 30-minute sessions. What could be easier? The LED light therapy can be added to acne treatments, hydra-facials, micro-needling and most facials.


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