Micro-needling is just a WOW cosmetic treatment. This procedure uses collagen induction therapy to eliminate and reduce the appearance of:

  • wrinkles
  • fine lines
  • stretch marks ( yes, stretch marks)
  • acne scars
  • large pores
  • skin texture
  • surgical scars

Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of the skin that keeps the skin smooth and plump. When your collagen and elastin stop working from ageing, sun damage or scarring, the skin becomes lacks, loses its youthful appearance and wrinkles. Through needling and collagen induction, the skin recovers its smooth appearance and look more youthful.

Scaring, through acne, pregnancy, accident or surgery, can be greatly improved when the needling breaks up the scar tissue and the skin repairs itself.

There is no downtime!  There is no pain! The skin is numbed. The day of the procedure your skin will appear sunburned. The next day, your skin might be a little pink but skin care products, growth factors, sunscreen and makeup may be used. As the healing continues, the skin might be a little flakey but nothing you can’t deal with and you certainly don’t need to hide away like with laser treatments. I always advise 4-6 treatments spaced a month apart. The number of treatments will depend on your skin and what you are trying to improve.

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This link gives you more info about micro needling with a pen, not a roller. I do disagree where it says it helps clear acne. It does NOT. You needle after acne has cleared.