Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Please, please, please! The red marks left over after your pimples have cleared are not SCARS! Do not believe FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram or the internet. These red marks are actually PIH, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. When you have inflamed acne, the body sends extra blood to that area to help heal the inflammation. A pimple then heals but the redness is left over. These marks will heal on their own, over time. On dark skin, these marks can be brown. To heal these PIH faster, you can use my special mandelic serum and add LED light therapy to speed up the fading of the PIH.

Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There is a lot of incorrect information out there! Trust someone who clears acne daily. I am a certified, licensed Acne Specialist. I will tell you the truth and clear your skin. Book a consultation today. Start clearing your skin today. Use the BookNow button on this page.