Commitment to your individual Acne Protocol is so important.

If you, as the Acne sufferer, fall down on just one part of your protocol, your skin will not clear. I carefully assess your skin, its sensitivities, what kind of acne you have and then give you the home care you need to start the process of clearing your skin. This protocol MUST change every 2 weeks because your skin begins to adjust to this protocol during that time. If you do not come in to see me and let me see your skin, your home care begins to lose its effectiveness. Slowly, your skin adjusts to these products. This is a SLOW process and you may think you are getting away with not changing in your home care at these appointments. This is a bad misconception. The skin will not change overnight. It will take weeks before you suddenly realize your products are not working as they did when you started your program. This is a gradual change. This adjustment to your products is a scientific fact that Dr. Fulton discovered in his work with Acne. This is why I require you to come in every 2 weeks so your skin doesn’t even have a chance to start this decline.

As part of your consultation, I carefully explain this process. I want to clear your Acne. I am not a department store. I do not just sell product and send you on your way. If you choose not to come in for your treatments and to have your home care adjusted or changed, you are sabotaging your chances of clearing. You are also placing yourself into a maintenance program before you have cleared and at some point, your skin will go right back to where it was when you first came in. I will not just continue to sell you products. It is my commitment to clear your skin. Just selling you the same products over and over again is not how you clear your skin. I can only help to clear your acne if you follow the guidelines I set up for you.

I am a trained, experienced Acne Specialist.

I really do know how to clear your skin. The reviews you see on this website, the before and after pictures you see, are from people who followed their protocol. They came in every 2 weeks, they did their home care twice a day and followed their diet. If you want clear skin, some sacrifices of time and effort on your part will be necessary. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Dropping one part of your protocol will ensure that at some point, your skin will stop clearing.

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