Many times acne clients think that drying out the skin will make their acne go away faster. Sadly, that is not true. Dry skin causes more clumping of dead skin cells inside the pore. Acne does not need MORE dead, dry skin cells. Using your home care more often than you should or using more of that product than you need can do this. Many times the skin may look dark when this happens, especially if you have darker skin, to begin with. Do not overuse product. These products are formulated to work with just a small amount of product. Overuse, putting too much on the skin or putting it on more often than directed, will not help and will cause severe dryness. This is why I ask you to come in and see me every two weeks. This simple step allows me to evaluate your progress and address any dryness or other concerns that can pop up as you go through the program.

Coaching you through the clearing process is what I am really there to do. Going it alone and just buying a product will not get you to clear skin. I want you to clear. That is what rocks my boat. Let me help you by seeing me and communicating with me will actually help you clear faster. We often walk a thin line between clearing the skin, speeding up the process and causing a problem, like dry skin. Hope to see you all soon.

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