Spot Treating

Spot Treating

I get asked all the time about spot treating. That treatment can dry up the pimples on the SURFACE of the skin but spot treating will not stop all the acne under the skin you haven’t even seen yet. Remember, one pimple takes 90 days to form. So, we don’t see what is under the skin just WAITING to come up. Treating old pimples ( those on the skin now) will not clear up the pimples under the skin waiting to happen.

Spot treating will only dry up what is on the surface. You can add it into your home care to speed up the drying up of surface pimples. You can also ask me to spot a deeper peel solution on those pimples when you come in to see me every two weeks. And, please, ice those pimples at least two times a day.  See you all soon.

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