Stress aggravates acne

Stress aggravates acne

Stress is a very real factor in skin issues, particularly ACNE.

Many of my clients cite a period of stress as the trigger for their adult acne issues.
There are very real metabolic effects of stress on skin:
* depletion of zinc
* insulin resistance
* upregulation of androgen hormones (which create sticky icky sebum)
* increase of inflammation
* reduction of circulating oxygen & nutrients to the extremities
* reduction of human growth factor (which repairs our skin whilst we sleep)
* `stealing` of phosphatidylcholine from the cell membrane
* depletion of antioxidants

Try to reduce your stress by getting enough sleep, exercising and being with people who really matter. I work out frequently and after being in the gym for about 20 minutes, I really have to think hard what bad thing happened in the day. Exercise can be a simple as taking a walk. We live in beautiful Colorado. Get out there and enjoy.

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