Everyone asks me this question, ” When will I be clear?”. I always reply ” As soon as you do the work!” Clearing acne is your job. I am here to coach you on your diet, what products are correct for your kind of acne and to provide the best professional treatments available. Some Acne Specialists say they can clear you in 90 days. Well, that CAN happen but what they don’t say is that if you:

  1. don’t come to receive professional treatments to remove oil plugs from the skin through extractions
  2.  don’t follow the diet or lifestyle
  3.  don’t consistently use your home care, there is NO WAY you can clear in 90 days. Not happening.

I don’t want to be the negative nelly here but this is the truth. I have more experience in clearing acne than anyone in the Denver area. I have cleared people in as little as 6 weeks when they follow their protocol. I have cleared people who cleared in 6 months to a year because it took them that long to understand profession treatments, consistency, and diet are part of the clearing process.

My approach is a holistic one. I use no harsh chemicals or dangerous drugs. I used a laser to treat acne for 6 months and never saw the skin clear. ( Even my dermatologist stopped using his 3 lasers for acne).

I don’t want to just sell products like some specialist do. I want to sell CLEAR SKIN. And I do. Read my recommendations. Look at my before and after pictures. These two things don’t lie.



If you want REAL help, book and Acne Consultation today using the BookNow button on this page.  The sooner you begin, the sooner your skin will clear.

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