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If you have already been to your physician or dermatologist and know that you have acne and haven’t been satisfied with the results from over the counter products or the suggestions from your doctor, then an Acne Specialist should be the next step for you. Most physicians don’t have the time to spend educating their patients on the root cause of their acne and often prescribe oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, topical retinoids and sometimes the “magic pill” or it’s generic.

These products are typically prescribed in strong strengths which result in dry, red, flaky, irritated skin. This typically leads to the patient abandoning their routine of care because of the side effects. Additionally, most if not all these prescriptions contain pore-clogging ingredients! Think about that. Why would these products contain ingredients that actually clog your pores?

 Acne Specialists can:
1) consult with you first to educate you as to what acne really is and how you can clear it

2) determine the proper home care for your skin and your acne, not someone else’s

3) discuss diet restrictions, that once removed, assist your skin in clearing

4) see you frequently, answers your phone calls or emails with the answers to your questions

5) keep you hydrated properly so your skin will not become uncomfortable

6) guide you with lifestyle changes that you can make at home and in sports that help your skin

7) do a series of gentle chemical peels that speed up your healing but don’t ravage your skin

8) perform extractions properly and professionally

9) we have everything, including makeup and sunscreen, formulated not to clog pores and irritate the skin

10) coach you through all the ups and downs to get your skin clear and then, keep it clear

11) there is no extra cost for the support and counselling you receive

As an acne specialist, I know that helping skin return to a state of health improves confidence and self-esteem. Acne has a deep emotional side doctors do not understand. I suffered severely inflamed acne for 22 years. Wouldn’t you rather see someone who understands what you are going through?




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