Antibiotics...not for Acne

Antibiotics…not for Acne


Antibiotics for Acne…this is not the answer. Acne is not caused by bacteria and that is the only thing antibiotics fight. Acne is caused by a hereditary condition where the skin cells clump underneath the skin 5 times faster than the body can exfoliate. So that extra skin clumps, becomes covered by oil in the skin and that is when the bacteria will cause the inflammation. To STOP the clumping, you need products and protocols to STOP that clumping and speeds up the skin so it can not clump inside the pore. This is the way to clear acne and keep it clear.

Here are to articles about antibiotics and Acne,  just in case you think I am making this up.

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You do not need these overused and dangerous drugs to clear your acne. As an Acne Specialist, I clear skin the holistic way: diet, topical skin care products and lifestyle changes. Everything is safe, not harsh, very effective. I offer a 95% clear rate.

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