• Do It Right

                               Do It Right

  • DO use your sunscreen everyday. Even if you live under a rock…use it. Sunscreen provide moisture and protection from pigmentation.
  • DO call me if you are concerned about something. The only dumb questions is the one you don’t ask.
  • DO use only white or old, clean towels, pillowcase, sheets. Be sure to wash your hands AFTER applying BPO so you won’t bleach your linens. Keep them clean.
  • DO use use non-comedogenic eye makeup remover.
  • Do remember to be very consistent  and patience with your home care. Clearing Acne is NOT a sprint. It is a marathon.
  • Do remember to be consistent with your home care to stay clear.
  • Do ice your skin! Sounds too simple to work but it does really work
  • Do call if you need guidance on how to use your home care to insure they are working properly
  • Do apply your products with your hands only…no wash clothes etc.

All of these hints will help your through the process of clearing your skin as fast as possible.