• DO use only the acne products I give you and nothing else.
  • DO follow your home care twice a day no matter what.
  • DO use your sunscreen every day. Even if you live under a rock…use it. Sunscreen provides moisture and protection from pigmentation.
  • DO call me if you are concerned about something. The only dumb questions is the one you don’t ask.
  • DO use only white or old, clean towels, pillowcase, sheets. Be sure to wash your hands AFTER applying BPO so you won’t bleach your linens. Keep them clean.
  • DO use non-comedogenic eye makeup remover.
  • DO remember to be very consistent and patient with your home care. Clearing Acne is NOT a sprint. It is a marathon.
  • DO remember to be consistent with your home care and diet once you are clear.
  • DO ice your skin! Sounds too simple to work but it does really work.
  • DO call if you need guidance on how to use your home care to ensure they are working properly.
  • DO apply your products with your hands only…no wash clothes etc.
  • Do follow the acne diet carefully, every single day.

All of these hints will help you through the process of clearing your skin as fast as possible.

Clearing acne will only happen with patience and persistence daily. There is no one treatment or magic pill that will clear your skin.

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