Reduce Inflammation in Acne

Reduce Inflammation in Acne

A disease is caused by inflammation and ageing is induced by inflammation.Inflammation is associated with many skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. There is plenty of evidence that demonstrates that inflammation is the basis of acne lesions. Inflammatory events not only precede hyperkeratinization but also initiate and promote hyperkeratinization. Inflammation is the trigger that sets off all the other events.
Studies show that inflammatory events are evident prior to hyperproliferation and abnormal differentiation. Interleukin-1, an inflammatory mediator, is elevated prior to hyperkeratinization. The consequences of that initial inflammatory damage then drive the pustule-formation process.
As sebum levels increase, linoleic acid decreases, causing a breakdown in the barrier, which leads to an increase in interleukin-1, which causes inflammation. This is a vicious cycle of acne.
P. acnes does not directly cause significant damage to the skin. Instead, most of the damage is due to the inflammatory process.
Removing dead skin cells without correcting the underlying pathology simply generates more skin cells. Inflammation is the root cause for hyperproliferation.

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