Acne Treatments…A marathon, not a Sprint 

90 days to clear

If you are an athlete you will understand that a sprint is quick and over FAST! A marathon takes longer and can be grueling but in the end, you are very proud that you endured. Acne treatments are like a marathon.  It will take time, patience and persistence to get clear skin. There are no laser treatments, light treatments, over the counter /prescription products or magic pills that will get you clear. As an Acne Specialist, I tried laser treatments. They DID NOT WORK or I would be using them. I see clients every day who have tried prescription products of all kinds, both oral and topical. These drugs DID NOT WORK. Clients bring in hundreds of dollars of all kinds of products they have tried. THEY DID NOT WORK. Ask yourself this one questions…if all these other Acne treatments HAD worked…why do I have a very successful business in my clinic? Wouldn’t I be out of business? Think about it.

What I offer in my Acne Clinic is different from every other place you have been for help. I give you Acne safe products, gentle clinical treatments, home care guidance and coach you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to clear skin. I am not here just to sell you a one size fits all bunch of products and never see you again. You get that from doctors, ProActive and other estheticians. I give you a program that sells you clear, healthy, glowing skin.

This program is an extraordinary opportunity to have the clear skin that you deserve. Start today. Now. Waiting just prolongs poor skin. Book an Acne consultation by clicking here. I have a 95% clear rate. The 5% I don’t clear simply do not follow through with the program.

If you want help, I am a licensed, Certified Acne Specialist. Start today in the journey to clear skin. 95% of the people clear when they follow their protocol.

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