If you break out around the mouth and along your jawline, tofu and other soy foods could be to blame. And it’s all about the natural plant estrogens found in soybeans. Phytoestrogens mimic natural estrogen levels, and that throws off our hormones. Soy derivatives show up in everything from veggie burgers to energy bars, so read labels carefully.

The majority of soy grown in the United States is genetically modified (GMO). The FDA does not yet require the labelling of GMO foods, so unless your soy is specifically labelled, GMOs are likely. There may be a nutritional difference between GMO and non-GMO, and in addition, there is the possibility of negative, long-term effects of GMOs.

GMO soy may possibly cause inflammation in the body, leading to an exacerbation of acne. Even if the soy is in fact organically grown, it contains two estrogen-like isoflavones that may impact your system. Soy is indeed a hormone-like product and needs to be used in moderation.

Clinical and experimental studies examining the impact of soy or soy phytoestrogen consumption on human health have produced mixed and often conflicting results.
So, it would be misleading to say that soy is absolutely safe and healthy for everyone under all circumstances. The fact is, non-GMO soy in moderation may be fine for you. But, if you’re eating it with every meal and breaking out, there is a chance the soy is only hindering your ability to get rid of acne once and for all.

So, learn to read labels looking for soy additives (they will not be the non-GMO kind). And reduce the amount of soy in your diet as much as possible to give your skin a good chance to clear those pimples.

Here is a detailed study that further explains how soy can harm the body. Take a few minutes and read it. Eye opening to say the least. http://www.foodrenegade.com/dangers-of-soy/

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