So you want to save money and treat your own Acne. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

1) Excessive sun tanning whether in the tanning bed or real sun. Most people do this saying it makes their acne better and makes it LOOK better. This is not true! You are damaging your skin and increasing oil production. People with acne do not need either one.

2) Picking, picking picking. STOP. You will not get the core of the pimple out.  It will go deeper, last longer and become more inflamed. This is the biggest cause of skin scaring as well. No one whats this.

3) Over exfoliation.  Removing the top layer of skin on inflamed acne will spread the germs and puss there. This will not help your skin. It is too much and your skin will just get worse. And those spinning brushes that tell you it will help…seriously NO!. Again, too much exfoliation will can cause serious infection and scarring.

4) Over use of drying products. Over the counter products will dry out the surface of your skin. They will not get down under the surface to STOP the acne. If your skin gets too dry, it will produce more oil to protect it’s surface. Washing and washing your skin daily can do this also. If your skin is oily/dry/flakey this is the reason.

5) Not washing you face at all. I can’t imagine this but some people do this. They just rinse with water. How can you get the daily grime and makeup off your face? You need an appropriate acne cleanser.

6) Washing with bar soap. Bar soap is very harsh and has very high PH levels which will strip your skin of all the good oil that is supposed to be there. Yes…dove, cetaphil are in this group. Not to mention the pore clogging ingredients in them.

7) Using over the counter products because they have the word “Acne” on the label. Are you really saving money this way when they don’t work and they end up in the trash? Be honest. How much have you spent?

8) Inconsistent usage of your Acne Products that you are using from me. Every time you skip a day of using these products your skin will begin to clump NEW PIMPLES. Do you want that?

9) Using the wrong makeup just because it gives you great coverage. It may cover but I guarantee you it is clogging pores and you don’t need that.

10) Expecting a “magic pill” will “cure” your acne. There isn’t a cure. At this time, gene therapy isn’t available to “turn off” the gene that contributes to acne.

Stop making all these mistakes. Get real help by booking an Acne Consultation now.


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