Regulates the skin's inflammation and oil production.


I ask many of my Acne clients to take a Zinc supplement for their Acne. Zinc is a trace mineral found in muscle and bone. It is also responsible for helping the body maintain a healthy immune system. So how can it help with Acne?

Zinc regulates the overproduction of a hormone that is responsible for inflammation, skin cell renewal and oil production. An overproduction of these will just make Acne worse. People with Acne already have clogged pores with too many dead skin cells and oil. Making more dead skin and oil is not what you want to do.

A good Zinc supplement helps suppress these functions. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on your Acne. When used topically, zinc soothes the skin. It is often found in broad-spectrum sunscreens and it is an ideal choice for Acne prone skin, calming irritated pores.

I carry a safe zinc supplement that is inexpensive and safe sunscreens and makeup with zinc in them. If you are worried about the zinc leaving your skin white, don’t. The new technology called ” Index Match” uses non-nano zinc particles in such a way they blend in with the skin. They also have a wonderful finish that is hard to come by in sunscreens. Remember, not all zinc supplements are safe and have many acne aggravators in them.

Here is more info about Zinc:

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