Not all protein shakes are safe for acne.

Did you know that whey and soy protein powders are major acne triggers? Many protein powders also contain Biotin or sea-based super greens (like spirulina, chlorella, blue-green) which can exacerbate acne prone skin tremendously! And no iodides from salt!
Here is the recipe for my favourite “powder-free” protein shake! And the best part…you can customize it to your needs/liking! Add a banana or almond butter. Change out the cocoa powder for strawberries or even a splash of vanilla extract!

Powder Free Protein Shake

1 cup pasteurized egg whites
4 oz unsweetened almond milk
1 TB cocoa powder
10 drops of SweetLeaf Stevia drops

I handful of ice cubes
150 calories, 9 carbs, 3 fat, 26 grams protein

Click on the link below to book an Acne Consultation for more information.


This recipe came from Emme Diane, another Acne Specialist.

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