Diet and the Acne connection

Many Acne Specialist across the country heartily believe in the diet connection with Acne.  I have written about this before in some of my other blogs. Here I will try put that info in one simple location for you. One good note…chocolate does not aggravate Acne unless you eat bags of it at one time and then it is the sugar, not the chocolate.


Acne, as you might already know is inflammatory. Anything you can do to reduce inflammation the better your skin will be. Sugar does cause inflammation in our entire body and someone with Acne should follow a diet that lowers triggers of inflammation. When we eat too much sugar our bodies secrete more insulin and then other hormones and enzymes follow suit. This will aggravate your Acne. Reducing sugar intake will help reduce your Acne.


If you suffer breakout around the mouth and jawline, soy could be an issue. This plant is high in natural estrogens. These phytoestrogens mimic natural estrogen levels and will throw off our other hormone levels. Soy derivatives show up in veggie burgers to energy bars. Learn to read labels.


Bad news here. Dairy is not good for the complexion. It is the extra hormones in the milk. They will cause a spike in certain Acne producing hormones. Please switch over to non-dairy products made from almond, rice, coconut and hemp. Remember no soy milk here.


The androgens in peanut products make Acne worse by increasing the oil production in your skin. Acne love more oil! Choose any other kind of nut…they will not affect androgen levels. Today most grocery stores let you grind your own nut butter.

Coconut Oil

Ok, this will open a can of worms. Coconut oil on the skin clogs pores! Truth. It creates a very stubborn kind of skin congestion. So STOP the coconut oil.

So, what CAN I eat?

Stick to whole foods, nothing from a box. Fresh proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and gluten-free grains.

All these changes, even made slowly, will help your skin and reduce your Acne. Acne is not caused by your diet, but diet certainly aggravates Acne.

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