“Green Drinks” and Acne.

Green/Protein Shakes

Green/Protein Shakes


In my Acne practice , I see many young athletes. Their coaches advise them to take protein shakes to build muscle and provide the energy they need to preform well in sports. While this sounds like good advice from the coach’s point of view, from an Acne Specialist point of view, this is not such a good idea. These drinks can be very bad for an athlete who is suffering from Acne.

Many of the drinks are dairy based ( Whey) or contain spirulina and chlorella, and while good for general health, are NOT good for Acne prone skin. There are a lot of iodides in these green/protein drinks. Iodides tend to irritate the follicle wall and will aggravate acne. The safest way to do these shakes is to make your own shakes and use safe ingredients.


Here’s a list of herbs containing high amounts of iodides:



  • Irish moss
  • Iceland moss
  • Blue-green algae
  • Blackerwrack
  • Dulse
  • Kelp
  • Red marine algae
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • White oak bark
  • Red raspberry leaf
  • Black walnut hulls


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