You have been washing your face forever right? Have you been doing it correctly? Maybe not. Read on.

1) I don’t care how tired you are, wash your face twice a day. Yes twice, morning and night.

2) Use a good cleanser made for the face…NOT BAR SOAP you use on your body. Bar soap has a very high PH and strips the skin of ALL the oil on your face. The skin will then produce MORE oil to correct the acid mantle that is there to protect your skin.

3) When washing, especially after wearing makeup all day, wash twice. This ensures that you are removing all the makeup, sweat and grime from your skin.

4) Really rub the cleanser into the skin. Placing the cleanser on the skin and immediately removing it with water does not give the cleanser time to do it job. Slow down a little.

5) Choose a cleanser that is good for your skin type. Oily to normal skin usually like a gel cleanser ( my choice ). Dryer skin usually prefers creamy cleansers. Both types should be removed with plenty of water.

6) If your skin is sensitive, choose a cleanser that has a few chemicals as possible. I carry two cleansers that are really great for skin that reacts to many of the over the counter products.

7) Use warm water. No need to make the water too hot. That can also strip the skin of essential oil on the skin.

8) Since I have Rosacea I can’t tell you how my skin responded to using a cleanser that is more gentle on my skin. The redness and irritation left my skin as soon as I started being more gentle with my skin.

I hope this list of tips will help your skin. If you need more information about better cleansers than what you find over the counter, see me. See how your skin responds.

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