Salt with iodides can really make your Acne worse. If you shop the center aisles of the grocery store for packaged foods you ARE getting too much salt. We can’t stay away from all of these foods but you can eliminate as many as possible to remove some of the aggravators of Acne.

Many clients are trying to eat healthy by eating kelp ( very very high in iodide salts), seafood and bagged processed food. Try to make healthy choices when and where you can. It WILL make a huge difference in clearing your skin.

Milk and cheese are other big culprits. Not only does it have iodides, the hormones in them contribute to Acne. Many teenage boys drink gallons of cow milk and girls love the cheese and yogurt.  Both habits will aggravate cystic Acne.

Health foods and supplements are not as safe as you think. Many have iodides and/or biotin. Look for words like iodines, iodides, potassium iodide or kelp. Whey protein powders are also bad. They are made from dairy. Try egg protein or hemp.

Broccoli and asparagus are on the list for too much of the iodides. Please do eat green vegetable but limit them to ones without so many iodides.

When cooking at home, use sea salt or non-iodide salt found everywhere now.

These foods DO NOT CAUSE YOUR ACNE…they aggravate. Reducing as many of the aggravators as possible will help your Acne protocol to work better and faster.

If you want to know more about what aggravates Acne, book an Acne consultation today. Click the link below.


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