Zinc is a great supplement to add to your home care regimen when fighting Acne. It is an essential trace mineral and is found mostly in our bones and muscles. It is responsible for a number of functions in the body including maintaining a healthy immune system. But how does it help your acne?

Zinc regulates the overproduction of a hormone that is responsible for inflammation, skin cell renewal, and oil production. Unfortunately, when it comes to acne, these functions can make a bad situation worse. When your pores are already clogged with dead skin cells and oil, an overproduction of skin can exacerbate your breakouts.

When zinc is taken as a supplement, it helps suppress these functions, having an anti-inflammatory effect on your acne. ( I carry a safe, inexpensive Zinc in my office). Typically, it can serve as a soothing balm to your breakouts.  Often found as the active ingredient in physical sunscreens, zinc is known for its excellent broad-spectrum protection for even the most sensitive skin conditions. This makes it the ideal choice for acne prone skin, to calm and protect irritated pores.

I carry two choices of SPF that contain zinc without the whiteness from the other less refined sunscreens. A proprietary technology called ” index match” uses non-nano zinc particles that blend in with the skin. Both of my sunscreens have an elegant finish that I personally use them myself.

When buying a zinc supplement you need to make sure it does not contain any biotin, iodides or algaes. So read the label before purchasing.

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