Research suggests that Acne is linked to problems with blood sugar metabolism and chronic inflammation. Wild swings in blood sugar levels lead to a hormonal reaction that increases sebum production and turnover of skin cells. Chronic inflammation taxes the immune system and opens the door for Acne.

Drinking milk leads to a similar hormonal reaction than blood sugar problems do. Further, milk increases inflammation throughout the body. This reaction applies to all dairy products as well.

Almost all milk comes from pregnant cows. Milk from pregnant cows contains hormones that will signal the skin cells to produce more oil. In America, we give most cows extra hormones so they will produce more dairy. Then these cows need antibiotics to heal the problems the extra hormones cause. Guess where all these hormones and antibiotics go…into us when we eat dairy.

People with Acne do not need extra hormones or extra antibiotics. To help clear Acne, people need to reduce as much dairy products as possible. Luckily, today we have wonderful options for dairy with nut milk and butter, coconut yogurt and frozen desserts. The only thing that is difficult to find is a replacement for cheese.

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