Baby oil and iodine is what I used to lay in the sun at the beach almost every day in the summer. What was I thinking? Not, I pay the price. I have crepey skin, pigmentation, and in the last few years 4 skin cancers. I didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did. Sigh.

Sunscreen can save you from 90% of all the ageing our skin goes through. That’s right, 90%. Luckily with the adequate application of a good sunscreen, you can prevent all that ageing and all the money it will take to try and repair that damage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure.

All sunscreens are designed to prevent the sun from damaging the skin. One sunburn and you have received sun damage. One severe sunburn and you are at a greater risk of skin cancer. Even getting a “little color” is sun damage.

There are two different types of sunscreen: chemical and physical.


There are more chemical sunscreens than physical sunscreens. They all work by absorbing solar energy and transforming it into a chemical reaction. This prevents the suns energy from being transferred to the skin. Many of the clients I see who say they can’t use sunscreen. They feel bad on the skin. These are usually chemical sunscreen. The chemical reaction under the skin can cause a bad chemical reaction and potentially increase an unwanted skin reaction.


Many people are familiar with physical sunblocks that left the skin white and pasty. Now we have advanced formulations that have solved this problem. This is the sunscreen I prefer for myself and my clients. This sunscreen contains very few chemicals and based on Zinc. Physical sunscreen actually prevents the sun from getting into the skin.

And just another reminder…if you are using Retinols or Benzoyl Peroxide, you must use sunscreen. These two ingredients make your skin very sensitive to the sun and here in Colorado, we get a lot of sun! We are the mile high city with mountains reaching 12,000 feet.

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