What makes acne products effective?

They need to:

Penetrate the inside of the pore, stopping acne where it starts.
Help to keep the pore clear of dead skin cells.
Kill bacteria inside the pore.
Be non-comedogenic (nonpore-clogging) ingredients.

We have found that acne products that include mandelic acid, vitamin a propionate or benzoyl peroxide are the best acne products. But, it is not enough to find and use products with these ingredients. You must also be sure that products with these ingredients are formulated properly so they penetrate the pore.

And, it is essential to know what ingredient is good for what type of acne you have, and how to use the products correctly. Even the best skin care products will not clear your skin if they are not used in the right way. This is where we are different from other acne systems. We believe in coaching you in the right way to use products. We want you to succeed in getting and keeping clear skin!

By the time our clients come to see us, most of them have tried many products and drugs. The acne products range from prescription products like retinoids, antibiotics, and pills, to the over-the-counter acne remedies. While many of these products have some of what it takes to get your skin clear, why do they usually fail so miserably in getting it done?

1. Many have pore-clogging ingredients in them. For example, the cream form of Retin-A is very pore-clogging and should never be given to an acne patient. But sadly, this happens every day.
2. It takes a combination of the right products to affect acne. Just a retinoid by itself or a serum with salicylic in it is not enough.
3. Different ingredients in acne products are used for different kinds of acne.
4. Even companies that are attempting to customize regimens to account for different types of acne, do not have strong enough products to get the job done.
5. And almost all companies do not take skin adaptation to products (skin getting used to products) into account. If you are not coached in how to adjust the frequency of product use, you will not get rid of your acne.

Allow me, an acne specialist to help you achieve clear skin quickly. We have been educated, certified and trained to do this. I have a 95% clear rate.

 Book a consultation today and get your skin clear and watch it stay clear. Look at the top of each page for the BookNow button and choose the Acne consultation time that suits your schedule. See you soon.

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