As an Acne Specialist, I hear a lot of funny “stuff”. Here is just a little humor about an all too serious subject…Acne.

Client # 1: I have been using your products for 3 weeks and I am clear now, amazing. Can I get back to my old products now? NO. It takes at least 90 days to clear.

Client # 2: had several facials with me, cleared up fine, but now she sends me a long list of products from Sephora to ‘check’ if they are safe for acne. I point out the list of pore cloggers for her own detective work. I give my clients this list when they come into the program.

Client #3: When will I stop being allergic to skin care products? Never.

Client #4: A client keeps breaking out after months of coming to me. She says: I can’t give up the cheese. HUH. Then you’ll keep having acne.

Client #5: I need to be better about washing my face at night (she is 41, mind you). HUH. It’s about time you do.

Client #6: I have a hot date tonight and I need the facial desperately at any time today. My skin is really broken out. HUH. Make a timely appointment, don’t wait to the last minute to clear your skin before a special event. My magic wand is broken.

Just a little humor from a busy Acne Specialist.

If you really want your skin the clear…the above isn’t going to work.

Schedule an Acne consultation online today and find out why none of the above will work. 303.710.7832

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