I am going to start with the GOOD news! It is not Chocolate! Yee Haa! I spent almost 20 years not eating chocolate because everyone said it caused my Acne. Well, it wasn’t chocolate. There is a diet connection, however. I am not asking you to NEVER eat ANY of these foods. Once you see the list you will see that that would be impossible. This list s a ” try and eliminate” food groups. The better you do this, the more aggravators you can remove, the faster your skin will clear.


1) Iodized salt: good substitutes are sea salt, non-iodized salt, Celtic salt

2) Milk ( including organic and especially nonfat): good substitutes are almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk; soy is not a good substitute

3) Cheese: there is no good substitute

4) Whey or soy protein shakes, including protein bars: good substitutes are pea protein, egg white protein, hemp ( please check for iodides and biotin before buying)

5) Soy – tofu, soy milk, tempeh, edamame: there are no good substitutes

6) Seafood, shellfish, sushi: good substitutes are freshwater fish – lake trout, bass

7) Spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae: Found in many health food and herbs, no good substitutes

8) Kelp, miso soup, seaweed, seaweed supplements: no good substitutes

9) Vitamins and supplements with iodides, iodines, kelp, potassium iodides, biotin: not good substitutes

10) Fast food and restaurant food: limit as much as possible because they will use a lot of iodized salt


Foods High in Androgens

1) Anything with peanuts, peanuts oils, Thai food: good substitute is almond or any other nut butter

2) Corn oil, canola oil: olive, coconut oil for cooking ONLY

3) Shellfish: No good substitute

4) Organ meats, including pate’: no good substitute

A well balanced low-glycemic diet can support all aspects of health, including your skin. In other words…stay away from processed, prepackaged foods. Eat as clean as possible and low in sugar.

If you need more help with your Acne, call 303-710-7832 or book an Acne consultation online today. I have a lot more information about how to clear your skin.


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