While my home care for Acne can clear your skin, using my “mini-chemical peels” will certainly speed up the clearing of your skin. These peels are applied to your skin every two weeks when you first enter the acne program I offer. They take about 20 minutes to apply in office and you are out the door. When you come in every two weeks we will adjust your acne home care so your skin remains confused and will not adjust to what we doing. After these mild peels,  you will experience very little down time. Most people have a little dry and flakey skin around the mouth for about 3-4 days. This is nothing that anyone else will see and makeup can be applied over the skin right away if you wish. These peels do not cause the massive sheets of skin that most other peels used else where to treat acne. Most people experience very little heat.

These peels assist the skin in the process of exfoliation, sweeping pores clean of the dead skin that builds up there as the home care progresses. This allows the home care to reach the clean, fresh skin and for better penetration into the follicle so the skin can clear faster. My peels also work on the pigmentation issues that acne develops and can assist it to move away faster also. These peels also have anti-ageing benefits.  I use them with many of my anti-ageing clients. They love them for the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve the texture of the skin. This is a win-win for clients who are experiencing acne at 30-40-50.

If you are experiencing Acne, stop fooling yourself and see an Acne Specialist to guide you to clear skin. You deserve good skin.

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