A daily system of antibacterial and exfoliating products are needed to treat and clear Acne.

True control means no physical sign of the disease. Acne is TREATABLE but there is no CURE. Most adults acne suffers will need a basic acne-fighting regimen for life, along with several lifestyle changes. To abandon home care treatment with acne meds is “skin care suicide”. Retention hyperkeratosis ( the process of dead skin building up and sticking together in the pore) is an ongoing, chronic condition that runs in families. If the acne client does not adhere to their daily system of home care and make permanent lifestyle changes, (less stress, enough sleep, reduced iodides and dairy in the diet, avoid pore-clogging ingredients in products, etc.) the visible signs of Acne will begin to reappear almost immediately. Remember, there is no cure only clearing. Stick with the home care consistently, no skipping morning or night, no matter what and see what a good system and appropriate products can do for your skin.

If you want to know what an effective home care program is, see me for an Acne consult and discover your clear skin.  BookNow button will help you book online. It is at the top of this page.

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