If you are working with me as your Acne Specialist these are the things that we discuss in your first consultation and each time you come to an appointment. I seriously did not make the stuff up. This is what WORKS for clear skin. Here we go:

1) Patience – if I could bottle this one I would live in Vail! Clearing your skin takes time. One pimple takes 90 days to form and about 90 days to clear. Patience.

2) Perseverance – Keep going! Many times your skin will get worse when you first start clearing it. The program is designed to pull all the garbage up and out. It can only go one way. So you will need to be prepared to not look, not touch unless you are doing your home care. The rest of the time FORGET it is there. Very soon, it will not be there.

3) Good home care – Use the product I give you to use and only those. You can not go off on your own and find things the work. Not from doctors, other estheticians or over the counter. Most of you have been there and done that already. Did it work? NO. That is why you are with me.

4) Changing your home care frequently – Your skin learns what you are using and will also learn to work around it. Changing the home care frequently will keep your skin confused. This is how my program is different from 99% other methods.

5) Professional treatments – I have specially designed peels and enzyme treatments that are designed to really PUSH the skin to soften and let go quicker than it wants to do. By coming on the for these treatments every 2 weeks, you are really upping your chances of clearing your skin much faster. It is also the time I can assess your skin and how it is progressing. There is very little downtime for these treatments and I will do extractions at the time.

6)  Removing acne aggravators –There are foods to remove from your diet that for one reason or another, aggravate acne. If you really try to take these foods out of your diet daily, your skin will thank you and your acne will clear much faster.

7) Take supplements that help your skin – Zinc and Omega 3 taken daily really support reducing the inflammation involved with acne. Be careful however. Many supplements have iodides in them and iodides aggravate your pimples. Follow my recommended supplements.

Are you ready to clear your acne? Are you serious about this process? If you are, stay the course. Remember, patience…I didn’t say it would be easy…I said it was going to be worth it.

If you are not in my program yet, call me. You deserve clear skin.

303.710.7832 or you can book online for an Acne consult with the BookNow button at the very top of this page.


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