Acne under the skin

See how the pore wall has expanded.

What Causes an Acne Scar?


We know the acne is the clumping of dead skin cells inside the skin pore. Once there this dead skin is then covered with oil from the skin and eventually bacteria settles in to form a pimple. Now you want to pick. You just want it GONE. But what are you really doing when you pick? The walls of a pore break when you have inflamed acne. When this wall breaks all the dead skin, oil and bacteria is dumped into you immune system. Once here, the body sends in enzymes to clean up this mess of inflammation but this inflammation is floating in the dermis. The enzyme then ends up eating a hole in your dermis to clear up the inflammation. This hole in the dermis then causes the epidermis to sink into the hole. Now you have an acne scar.

What can you do to STOP this process?




2) Use ice on your skin twice a day for 2 minutes or more. This reduces the inflammation and redness of the pimples.

3) See an Acne Specialist to STOP acne from forming and clear your skin.

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