Adult AcneBenzoyl Peroxide…Why we use it to fight Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide is a major player in the clearing of Acne. If you understand that Acne is a rapid retention of skin cells under the skin, so much faster than the skin can remove, you will understand why BP is such a great product for Acne. Benzoyl is both a comedolytic and a keratolytic. Comedolytic means it dislodges and breaks-up comedones(pimples) in the follicle. Keratolytic means it causes the outer layer of the skin to soften up, loosen, and shed. They both “relax the cohesiveness of the stratum corneum”or top layer of the skin. Initially, keratolytics may cause some surface dryness, but used consistently and once acclimated, they improve the skin’s capacity to bind moisture.‬‬ Also, in my program, we start using BP slowly, allowing the skin to adjust to the product and not causing any serious dryness.

BP has three actions: It kills the p.acnes bacteria that lives below the surface because it can penetrate 2mm into the follicle. It reduces inflammation dramatically. And, it helps to unplug blocked pores (comedolytic). Used consistently, the combination of these three actions prevent new comedones from forming deep in the follicle, dislodges new ones that do form (before they get out of hand), stop the p.acnes bacteria from over-growing, and keep inflammation from getting out of hand. With some lifestyle changes and avoiding individual triggers, BP can clear the skin and keep it that way better than any other single topical. Used correctly, it has minimal (very temporary) side effects. And because the skin is so smart and adjusts to whatever is placed on the skin, it is very important to adjust and change the use of ingredients like BP and mandelic etc. so the skin stays “confused” and you and I can clear your skin. There are over the counter and prescription BP products but most are VERY VERY strong and are a one size fits all program. They might work for a week or two, but your skin will adjust to them and will continue to break out.

There area few people who believe BP is the devil because it can cause free radical damage.  Anything that contains oxygen can cause free-radical damage, including air and exercise. Then, there’s pollution, smoking and UV radiation. UV alone is about 80% of the drama, yet too few estheticians focus on practicing safe sun. You can’t always blame the BP. When I clear a clients skin, is glows with health and not damage.

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