Popping Pimples


I know you just want that pimple GONE! But, believe me, picking is not the answer. Here are three reasons not to pick your acne:

1) I can always tell you have been picking. A pimple that has been picked always looks different and heals differently. You are now BUSTED!

2) Picking actually slows down the healing process. A pimple usually heals in 2 to 7 days. If you pick at it, you drive it deeper, make more inflamed and therefore it will take much longer to heal. You REALLY don’t want that.

3) This is the worse of all. That pimple you just picked, popped and made worse will most likely
SCAR. I’m taking rolling scars, ice pick scars. Those scars are for life unless you spend a lot of time and money and then they may only look better. Acne scars will remind you every day for the rest of your life that even though your active legions are gone, you still had acne. These holes in your skin are in the dermis and that is hard to correct. Micro-needling can really help and I can do that for you but prevention is a good thing.

If you are an Acne client of mine, and you have one of those pimples that just has to go NOW, call me. I will extract it in a way that it will be gone and not scar.

Call me at 303.710.7832 for help with that monster pimple.

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