I am esthetician that has been trained by two of the best acne specialists in the country. I have over 1200 hours of study in just clearing acne. I am also a part of a National Group of Estheticians that specialize in Acne Treatments. I understand what acne is, what causes it    ( not bacteria) and will work very closely with you to get clear your acne. I am not a doctor but I know how to clear it in about 90 days and have a 95% clear rate.

I had acne for 22 years. I know how physically and emotionally scarring acne can be. I listen and I am willing to spend the time it takes to clear your skin. Many acne sufferers will see a vast improvement in their skin in three to four months, sometimes sooner, when they follow my recommendations. Consistency in this program is paramount!

I do charge for acne consultations. You may wonder why since some estheticians do not. The simple answer is I spend a good 1.5 hours explaining what acne is, what kind of acne you have, how the home care works and exactly what products you need to start treating and clearing your skin. If you decide to start your treatment program, I give you a large folder of information to take home about your acne, diet, supplements that help. All of this information was gathered over years of study, learning about acne, finding the products that really work and assimilating all this into a format a layperson with acne can understand. I believe that if you have all the knowledge, you will have a much better chance of clearing your skin holistically without prescriptions and dangerous drugs.

Click on this link and look at my Before and After pictures. These people and more have cleared following my protocols. https://www.skincareacnetreatmentdenver.com/before-afters/

Click and the acne consultation from the menu and the program will give you times that will work for your schedule.

 There is help. It is only a click away.

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