There are a few issues and questions that have arisen, so I thought it would be helpful to clarify a few for any new needling enthusiasts: If you considering micro needling, take a minute or two to read this valuable information.

1. There is a distinct difference between cosmetic (home) and Medical (clinic or spa) needling. Many concerns or complications mentioned in the press or on various blogs seem to stem from the fact that people tend to consider cosmetic and medical needling as one and the same. Both devices are safe when used appropriately. As therapists, your job is to educate your clients on how to use home needling devices safely at home and what to apply after treatment.

2. Results will vary significantly. Influencing factors include genetics, lifestyle, diet, medical conditions, drugs, the frequency of needling, length of needles, number of needles, skin care products combined with therapy, etc.

3. Occasionally I see comments by specialists stating that needling does not work. This is an embarrassment to the profession and stems from ignorance, or possibly because of an investment in more expensive technology which compels some to attempt to discredit anything more affordable that would compete with what they have to offer. There is ample science to support micro-needling.

4. Fear of secondary skin infection following medical needling is quite prevalent. However, the procedure itself brings white cells to the area that limit opportunistic infection. The skin should always be cleaned appropriately before treatment. When I started Botox and filler treatments 11 years ago, I was horrified at the lack of sterile technique used. Having worked in orthopedics previously as well as surgery, sterile technique was of the utmost importance. One seldom reads about infection as a concern when the press writes about Botox, etc. It is not that prevalent. Zero in my own practice for Botox, and for medical and cosmetic needling.

5. These devices are not to be shared. This will obviously stop spread of HIV and other infectious diseases spread via blood transfer.

6. Microneedling works because it stimulates growth factors needed for repair AND it allows more topically applied nutrients into the skin. (Both cosmetic and medical needling achieve this, although medical needling releases TGF-B3 essential for scarless wound healing, while cosmetic needling releases predominantly EGF essential for thickening the epidermis.) This should not be confused with “exfoliation” where the top layer of the epidermis is removed. We need to maintain and build the epidermis, not thin our layer of barrier defense, which is a whole topic for another article.

7. Illegal online sales of medical dermal rollers will always be an issue, and many of the disasters dramatized in the media stem from people purchasing these and treating themselves without the appropriate knowledge or skills. Those of you that are in positions to work with governing bodies should help educate them so that restrictions in the industry are based on knowledge and science, rather than knee-jerk reactions based on fear and ignorance by individuals within institutions. This is one of the safest, most affordable treatments available and it would be a travesty for it to be legislated out of mainstream use.

8. Using quality needling devices is imperative, but it is difficult to know just from appearances. The market is flooded with cheap imitations from China, etc, that look the same as legitimate quality devices. Your first clue will most likely be price. Your next clue is whether or not a company sells medical needling devices (1 mm and up) to the public online on their official website. (E-Bay, etc, is harder to control because people buy things legitimately from distributors and then sell them illegally online.) The two biggest complaints are needles falling out and needles becoming dull in 3 months or less. Always use a device with some sort of certification, e.g. CE or FDA, but this still does not guarantee quality.

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