Topical Retinol Serums

As far as I am concerned topical Vitamin A is one of the modern miracles in skin care today. Before I tell you why I say this, I am only talking about professional brands of Vitamin A. None of over the counter retinols are strong enough, with Vitamin A listed somewhere at the bottom of the list of ingredients! Even prescription retinols are bad in many ways…they are too strong and have many comedogenic ingredients in them. Very sad but true.

So why do I feel Vitamin A is so good for the skin? Vitamin A switches on the fibroblast that controls the production of COLLAGEN, the building blocks of the skin. Healthier collagen is made. It also boosts the production of natural moisturizing factors and that PLUMPS OUT THE SKIN, reducing fine line and wrinkles. This process results in a TIGHTENING effect from the increased collagen. Who doesn’t want that? New blood vessels are also built giving the skin less sallowness and more naturally pinkness to the skin that we had in our youth.

Because Vitamin A also reduces sebum (oil) secretion, the skin can feel dry and tight at first, until the skin adjusts to its use. I always start with lower strengths and work up to a higher strength until we achieve the skin we want. Pigmentation can also be reduced with the use of Vitamin A. I use Vitamin A in my Acne Clinic with my non-inflamed acne clients. It will exfoliate the blackhead and closed comedones as well as lighten and brighten the skin. It will work to lighten the inflammation marks left over from pimples from inflamed acne. Many of my anti-aging clients use it as well make wake up their skin and give a youthful glow.

This Vitamin A is a miracle. If you are over 30 and want to keep your skin at it’s best, Vitamin A is definitely the best thing for your skin, after sunscreen.

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