I simply HAD to repost this wonderful blog from another blog called Saving Face. Please take a minute to read.

Hello, Hello!

I chose this article as my first topic because it has been continuously eating at my thoughts for the last two weeks. I want to break it down subject by subject but I’ll start off by saying that I was reading with my chin down to my toes through the entire thing. Not a pretty picture I know, but there are so many untruths here that I couldn’t resist giving you all the lo-down. I know this is a long one, but trust me, It iIs worth it!


#1.We can scar your face. Let’s talk about zits, baby. Now it is 100% true that a poorly trained or lazy Esthi can scar your face during extractions. However, finding one that is passionate about helping you achieve Flawless-ness is not a difficult task. After asking your technician a few questions, you’ll know whether or not she is passionate or indifferent. Ask her where she got her training, how long she has been licensed, or why she got into the Skin Care Business. Chances are she’ll go into a long-winded response about how it was her lifelong dream and her life is now complete. Well, you get the point! Give your Esthetician a little interview! After all, she IS taking control of your precious mug!


#2. You can get the same results at home. Unfortunately, the internet makes it far too easy for consumers to get their hands on professional products. Wait! Hear me out! I know that getting your products at 50% off on Amazon is the business, I’ve done it too! But purchasing a 40% glycolic acid peel and doing it at home can cause some MAJOR damage. There are so many at-home microdermabrasion kits that call for 3x per week treatments causing over-processing of the skin. Your skin will then produce more oil, which makes you want to scrub harder. Scrub more frequently, purchase more product. Cha-Ching! That company just made a pretty penny. When it comes to wanting professional results, let a professional provide them!


#3. You can ignore our sales pitches. I’ll keep this one short and simple. As I said in #1, if your Esthi is passionate about her craft she isn’t going to push a million products on you. She will recommend one or two products that will produce the results you’re hoping to achieve. A good at-home regimen is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Think of it this way, going to see a personal trainer once a month may help, but it isn’t going to give you Great booty on its own! The same goes with your skin. We can give you more concentrated treatments but you need to do some basic upkeep at home to ensure maximum results.


#4 is basically a repeat of #1 so, see above!


#5.Never trust a zitty esthetician. This one makes my head spin. Some of the best estheticians I know are the best because they have personally dealt with the problem before! I know that having acne in my teens has helped me have a stronger grasp on the dos and don’ts of at-home care. It also means that your zitty, spotty, or blotchy esthetician knows the EMOTIONAL toll that having imperfections can take. Acne is caused by SO MANY factors like hygiene, genetics, hormones, diet, stress. The list goes on and on. Bottom line, give that zitty esthetician your trust and I’ll bet she’ll give you glowing skin in no time!


#6. We know if you’ve been picking. This one is true, although I wouldn’t call the results disgusting.â This writer really did let her thesaurus take control, didn’t she?


#7.You don’t really need that peel or microdermabrasionâ. This is really on a case by case basis. However, most skin types can benefit from a light peel or microdermabrasion every few months to help increase cell turnover and reveal that youthful, glowing skin underneath!


#8.You won’t see immediate results. Pardon me while I try to avoid a spit-take! Immediate results are the best part of a facial service! Leaving the spa or clinic with a Post-Treatment Glow makes me feel confident and ready to take on the world. That being said, there is no miracle product that removes wrinkles, fights acne, and eliminates dark spots in an hour. If there were, I would be first in line! As an Esthetician, I spend most of my free time researching products, taking advanced classes, and basically anything else I can do to stay ahead of the curve. This is a fast-moving industry with a new Miracle Product presenting itself every single day! So trust your Esthi when she tells you her opinion on new products, we are looking for that Magic (Insert Imperfection here) Eraser too!

Hope this article gives you an idea why a good esthetician is worth the price of her treatments and take her advice on GOOD home care. She wants you to look good. Trust me.

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