Sugar, Refined Carbs and Pimples                     Sugar cubes

Some of the most recent studies on foods that aggravate acne and pimples show that sugar and refined carbs ( a high-glycemic diet) are right up there with diary, peanut products and iodine. More importantly, coming off of sugar and eating healthy, whole foods, low-glycemic load diet results in significant improvement in acne compared to a control group eating the normal high-sugar American diet. In addition to less pimples, the participants lost weight, became more sensitive to the effects of insulin, resulting in LESS insulin circulating in their blood. These people also had less of the sex hormones floating around in their blood that can drive pimples. We  know that women who have too much sugar and insulin resistance get acne, hair growth on their face, hair loss on the head and experience infertility. This is caused by high levels of male hormones and is called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a hormonal not a gynecologic disease.

Any way you look at it, sugar, refined carbs will up set the balance on hormones in our body and therefore contribute to acne. By reducing your intake can not only improve your skin it can improve your health. There is a large connection between diet and acne. To learn more, book an Acne Consultation through my website with the Book Now button and lets talk. You deserve clear skin with no pimples!