Acne Specialists Rock!

There is a new speciality in skin care called an Acne Specialist. To use this title the esthetician must attend classes from the best Acne Specialists in the country and take a test to be certified to treat acne in all ages and skin colors.
I have furthered my education by attending an advanced acne conference where we learned how to treat acne that doesn’t respond to the typical treatments. Because of this advanced education, I have a clear rate of 95%. You will not get this clear rate with regular estheticians, or dare I say, doctors.
Since Acne is NOT caused by bacteria, taking antibiotics that doctors give you will not clear your skin. Furthermore, applying the topicals they will give you often are so strong most people stop using them. This includes Retinols and Benzoyl Peroxide which are also prescribed. These two topicals can be used but their use will only help on your kind of acne.  Seeing an Acne Specialist can help you determine your kind of acne and place you on a program to clear your skin.
This program takes commitment to home care, specialized professional treatments and continually “pushing the skin” to release all the built-up dead skin under the surface until that skin STOPS building up. Your skin will clear and stay clear. Most people think this treatment plan costs too much. However, most people spend more money on fast food and a coffee habit than the money it takes to clear your skin. Once placed on your personalized acne care program, staying with the program where your home care is adjusted frequently to push the skin, receiving professional treatments and committing to some diet restrictions will clear your skin and keep it clear. There is no cure for acne, only ways of controlling it. Stopping treatment will not clear your skin.
Many people think acne will just go away after your teen years. Not true. I am seeing many people who are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s still suffering from the physical and emotional damage years of acne brings. Are you willing to do this to yourself or someone you care about?
Please consider committing to clearing your skin. A few months of commitment will/does pay each and every day you look in the mirror. Remember, Acne scarring is very real and can last a lifetime.
You may or may not know that I am a part of a National Group of Acne Specialists that work all over the country. When you come to me for help with your acne, you are getting the collective knowledge of all these professional Acne Specialists. 

You may book an acne consultations from my website or call the number before.  


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