1) What is the cure for acne?

There is no cure for Acne. It can only be controlled. Following a good diet and using specialized topicals with professional treatments will give you the clear skin you want. After you are clear, you will just have to wait for the acne gene to turn off. Sigh.

2) What are the foods that aggravate Acne?

Peanut products, dairy (cow) products, whey protein products, foods high in iodide salt, sushi, green juices and foods high in sugar. Good news…chocolate is NOT going to aggravate acne. Yeah! Some good news!

3) Is acne caused by a dirty face or body?

NO NO NO. Acne is caused by skin cells that build up under the surface of your skin 5 times faster that the skin can shed. These cells clump together with oil and then bacteria and then that causes pimples.

4) Will the “magic pill” or drugs like it really clear my skin?

NO NO NO. It might work for a while but the drug is so dangerous. Why take that risk when there is another safe way to clear skin? In my practice, I have people who have been on the “magic pill” and the acne comes back.

5) What are the pore clogging ingredients I need to avoid in makeup?

There are SO MANY it is impossible to list here. But some of the worse are: isopropyl myristate, sodium larch sulfate, coconut oil used topically, algae ( red or green). Lists of comedogenic ingredients can be found on the internet. If you find some of these ingredients in your skin care products, stop using them now. And some makeups are much worse than others. Anything with a lot of oil is not going to work for acne. I received a list of the most used pore clogging ingredients in your information package during your consultation.

For more answers to your questions about Acne, book an Acne consult with the “BookNow” button on each page of my website. You deserve to be Acne Free. In just a few months, you can have the skin you’ve always wanted.





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