1) DO use your sunscreen daily. This will protect your skin from pigmentation damage.

2) DON’T forget your sunscreen every morning! AMEN.

3) DO call me if your skin is dry from your home care. Dryness is not good for your skin. ( My acne clients only).

4) DON’T stop using your home care because of dryness. CALL me first.

5) DO understand your acne protocol will need to be changed frequently at first so the skin WILL NOT adjust to what you are doing.

6) DON’T use your home care if it burns or stings. Some tingling is ok.

7) DO use non-comedogenic eye makeup remover.

8) DON’T use your Acne Wash or Scrub to remove your eye makeup.

9) DO use your hydrating moisturizer before you get too dry.

10) DON’T moisturize or use any creams ON TOP of your Acne Med. It will shut it down and stop it from working.

11) DO use your home care consistently, no matter how tired you are. It will keep your skin clear.

12) DON’T stop using your home care once you are clear. Your acne could just start up again.

13) DO keep your product purchase on time. Running out even for a few days can set your skin back for weeks.

14) DON’T run out of your products or use them sparingly.

15) DO ice! Works wonders to reduce swelling, redness and inflammation.

16) DON’T pick! This leads to scarring. If you are in my Acne Program,  call me if you need extractions. I will do them for FREE.


Acne Specialists can clear your skin in a matter of a few months. All you need to do is to commit to the program you will be given and watch your skin clear. Book a Acne Consult today and start your journey to clear skin. Use the BookNow button at the top of this page.

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